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LookFeel for Windows (LFW6.2 / LFW7sp3 / LFW8.1a / LFWeb)

An application development / program conversion system for Visual DataFlex and WebApp.

LFWeb to create ASP/WBO files for WebApp using common source with LFW.
   (available December 2002)

LookFeel for Windows (LFW) is a high powered Visual DataFlex (VDF) application development/conversion system. LFW speeds conversion of existing applications (including reports) from procedural to VDF using special programs and commands. LFW has a rich command language. LFW can automatically generate view, list, and data dictionary files for a project in one process using only the file definitions. LFW generates VDF AppBuilder and DDBuilder compliant code, defaulting to standard classes. More_information with an example script, detailed explanations, and screen shot. Download a working copy. Contact lfw@app-2-win.com if you have problems or questions.

Visual DataFlex and WebApp are products of Data Access Corp.

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